free Elementor widgets

King Addons for Elementor

Unlock full potential of Elementor with King Addons – where speed meets quality.
free Elementor widgets
free Elementor widgets
free Elementor widgets
free Elementor widgets
Why King Addons
Free, lightweight, and super-fast Elementor widgets that do not impact website performance.

We use CSS instead of JS

Uses CSS instead of JS whenever possible.

Moreover we don’t use heavy jQuery, Google Fonts, bloated libraries.

Our plugin uses only standard WordPress functions to manage CSS and JS, save and use plugin settings.

We added only the necessary pure JS without libraries connected to the page.

The plugin does not connect to the site's database directly.

Finally we don't use CSS and JS that involve your device's GPU for rendering.

Furthermore we made smallest DOM size as it possible at all.

free Elementor widgets

Our plugin doesn’t load CSS, PHP or JS files for unused widgets on the page.

free Elementor widgets
Free elementor widgets

The King Addons plugin includes a pack of free, high-quality Elementor widgets that save you time and money.

Image Hotspots widget for Elementor
Image Hotspots

Create interactive, clickable areas on images.

Image Comparison Widget
Image Comparison

Visual contrast tool for two images side-by-side.

vertical scrollable image
Vertical Scrollable Image

Provides seamless vertical scrolling for long images.

Elementor Off-Canvas Content
Off-Canvas Content

Slide-in panels for menus and additional content.

One Page Navigation
One Page Navigation

Facilitates smooth navigation within a single page.

styled text builder
Styled Text Builder

Create uniquely styled and animated text elements.

elementor particles background
Particles Background

Add animated particle effects as background.

parallax background for elementor icon
Parallax Background

Adds a dynamic, Multi-layered visual effect during scrolling.

matte glass background
Matte Glass Background

Matte glass background feature also known as frosted glass effect.

card carousel for elementor
Card Carousel

Adds a card carousel, also known as horizontal slider/scroller.

Auto-Scrolling Text for Elementor
Auto-Scrolling Text

Engaging text marquee for dynamic, continuously scrolling text.

Image Grid

Create stunning image galleries with masonry and fit rows grid layouts.

Business Hours for Elementor
Business Hours

Display your business hours clearly and attractively.

Video Popup

A powerful tool for creating engaging video popups.

Price List & Menu for Elementor
Price List & Menu

Showcase your price list and menu items clearly and stylishly.

image hover box for Elementor
Image Hover Box

Create beautiful, interactive images with titles and texts

Creative Button For Elementor
Creative Button

Customize shapes, colors, and effects to perfectly align with your brand

Reading Progress Bar for elementor
Reading Progress Bar

Adds a progress bar that moves as readers scroll, and indicates their progress

floating animation for elementor
Floating Animation

Adds floating animation setting. Lightweight CSS animations.

rotating animation for elementor
Rotating Animation

Adds rotating animation setting. Lightweight CSS rotating animations.

Elementor Global Section & Container
Global Section & Container

Allows designers to create and manage reusable sections and containers.


Adds feature to duplicate posts, pages, Elementor templates and etc.

Wrapper Link for Elementor
Wrapper Link

Wrap everything in link - section, container, and next - column and common elements

custom CSS for elementor
Custom CSS

Custom CSS easy interface for adding personalized CSS styles.

Pulsing Button For Elementor
Pulsing Button

Attention-grabbing customizable buttons that pulse and animate.

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